Advanced Computing Solutions



Superior Technical Support:

Our staff is eager to help you with any of your computer or network related questions. Whether it be your PC, your wireless home network or a complex business network, our professionals are there and ready to serve you and your business! You can count on us!


Computer PC Sales and Service:

We offer both new and refurbished system to meet any of your needs. If you need a computer for the children to use for homework or projects, or maybe you just need an internet ready system for the family, we've got you covered! AND we service all units and brands we sell! Call Advanced Computing Solutions today!


New & Refurbished laptops:

If you need a state-of-the-art laptop for your business or travel, we've got it! If you need a system for around the home use, we've got it! Most home users are interested in catching up on news of the day or just having the portability of the laptop to take from room to room. Systems are available for all kinds of use! Call us today!


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